Clientele and Strength

Clientele and Strength2019-07-11T19:41:47+00:00

High Profile Clientele

G.M. Logistics (Private) Limited being leader in their respective industry already have client base in excess of 1,000 with the almost all of the local corporate entities both in Pakistan and Afghanistan being our existing clients, this strength itself carriers the required reputation and leverage for any new logistic entrant in our trade minimizing the lead-time from inspection to operate effectively with a very high level of economy of scales with minimum investment.

Financial Strength

G.M. Logistics (Private) Limited is one of the strongest corporate entities in Pakistan and has the capacity to allocate adequate financial resources towards any new strategic business venture with similar synergies.

Technological Strength

G.M. Logistics (Private) Limited has invested much on technology. All offices connect to each other, every staff member operates computer to do his/her job on properly and in time. The customers are provided automated information relating to their shipments such as Sailing Schedules, Shipment confirmation, T/S Details Delivery Status, Arrival Notices and many more.